canvas prints

Square canvases can be printed in the following sizes

60x60cm x 2cm frame £55.00 / 60x60cm x 4cm frame £60.00

80x80cm x 2cm frame £75.00 / 80x80cm x 4cm frame £80.00

100x100cm x 2cm frame £100 / 100x100cm x 4cm frame £107.50

Bear-in-tree-2 Chandelier3 Cream-Horse-Canvas Deer-&-hare-2 Diamond-Heart Deer-black-antlers-grey Flamingo-collage-green-pink Emerald-Cactus-square five-flamingos-small Hare-and-Hearts Flamingo-square-lighter Fly-Away-Wings-white-grey Flower-woman Horse-sketch Kissing-deer-dark-collage-canvas heart-wings-sharp Mermaid's-tail Peacock Pink-Stag-Head-white-stars- Rainbow-bird Reindeer-watercolour-for-canvas Stag-Doe2 two-zebras-1 Swan-and-hearts Zebra-tropical Zebra-colour-stripe2 White-hare-on-Turquoise Zigzag-heart4-pink Zigzag-heart3

Pink triangles heart

Shadow horse

Fawn & hare

Emerald cactus

Flamingo feathers

Heart wings

Flower woman

Kissing deer

Mermaids tail

Butterfly horse

Grey triangles heart

Pink stag & stars

Black swans & hearts

Zebra stripes (colours)

One day I'll fly away

Zebra stripes (tropical)


Angel ballerina

Portrait canvases can be printed in the following sizes

50x75cm x 2cm frame £60.00 / 50x75cm x 4cm frame £65.00

60x90m x 2cm frame £75.00 / 60x90cm x 4cm frame £80.00


wider format canvases 60x80cm x 2cm frame £70.00 / 60x80 x 4cm frame £75.00

Landscape canvases can be printed in the following sizes

75x50cm x 2cm frame £60.00 / 75x50cm x 4cm frame £65.00

90x60m x 2cm frame £75.00 / 90x60cm x 4cm frame £80.00

Flower deer

Diamond Heart

Doe deer sketch

Little bear

Bird of paradise

White hare (turquoise)

White hare & hearts

Pink flamingo

Winter Reindeer


Zebra friends

Flamingo flock

Angel dancer sketch

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